Neighborhoods here tend to be laid-back and peaceful. With tons of stunning natural views.

Welcome to Brewster

A beautiful historic, coastal, and woodland area with a calm atmosphere and stunning natural surroundings
Known as one of the Cape’s most scenic towns, Brewster is a highly sought-after area that buyers are flocking to. Known for its nautical roots, picturesque beaches, and quaint, small-town feel, Brewster is an ideal community that residents love to live in. Boasting serene ocean views, tons of local businesses, and an array of historic structures and homes, Brewster is a character-filled area that has a quintessential New England charm. 
Neighborhoods here tend to be laid-back and peaceful. With tons of historic homes and stunning natural views, Brewster neighborhoods make it easy for residents to relax and unwind. Featuring luxurious waterfront properties as well as chic new builds, Brewster is an incredible area where buyers can easily discern which property will be right for their lifestyle.

What to Love 

  • Coastal villages with a peaceful atmosphere and amazing waterfront views
  • Cozy neighborhoods with luxurious homes, and a quaint area with charm and character
  • Ample outdoor recreational opportunities like camping, hiking, biking, and swimming

Local Lifestyle

Brewster locals live a relaxed and easygoing life. Brewster’s unique location means that the water here is often calmer and warmer than ocean-facing areas, allowing locals to enjoy ideal beach conditions. Residents can often be found fishing, sailing, and lounging on the beaches here, enjoying a simple and chic lifestyle. 
Locals can also live a more high-energy lifestyle if desired. Brewster and its neighboring communities are home to plenty of wonderful restaurants, vibrant bars, and a wide array of shops for locals to browse. With all of this to explore and more, residents have no shortage of activities to participate in here. 

Dining, Entertainment, and Shopping 

Brewster is also home to plenty of fantastic restaurants and bars. Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters is one cozy spot that locals love to frequent. This rustic chic coffee house features a homey atmosphere and tons of delicious cafe bites. The perfect spot to chat with a friend or catch up on some reading, the Snowy Owl’s peaceful and inviting atmosphere is a lovely spot to relax in the community. Be sure to enjoy any of their specialty coffee drinks and one of their fresh pastries!
Another fantastic dining experience can be found at JT's Seafood Restaurant. This casual seafood eatery serves classic New England favorites in a cozy and laid-back environment. Boasting award-winning Fried Clams, Chowder, Lobster Rolls, and more, JT’s is an excellent place where diners always leave satisfied. The shack also has an outdoor patio seating area, which is the perfect lunchtime location on a bright summer day. 
Though it is a quaint and charming town, Brewster also has convenient shopping options for residents to take advantage of. The Brewster General Store stocks a wide array of necessities and unique items, with everything from food and candy to toys and clothing. A well-known landmark in the area, residents love to stop by here as frequently as they can. 
Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club is a can’t-miss destination in Brewster — this beachfront resort is a beloved fixture in the community for a relaxing day at the spa, a round of golf, and elevated coastal cuisine, whether you’re enjoying drinks at The Frost Bar or sophisticated seaside fares at Ocean Terrace.

Things to Do

Brewster is home to an impressive array of activities that locals love to take part in. For those who love enjoying the outdoors, Long Pond Brewster Beach is an ideal spot to visit. Perfect for lounging or swimming on a hot summer day, this is a great nearby spot to relax. Breakwater Beach and Paine’s Creek Beach are quiet and peaceful nearby options as well!
Brewster also hosts various events throughout the year that locals love to take part in. The Brewster for the Holidays Festival Weekend is one iconic annual event that residents enjoy celebrating. This 3-day festival brings the community together and hosts multiple events to get individuals ready for the holiday season. With carol singing, live band performances, and more, there are plenty of exciting surprises at this event. 
For a breath of fresh air, head to Nickerson State Park. This sweeping expanse of natural scenery stretches 1,900 acres and is perfect for soaking up the sunshine. Whether you’re enjoying a day at the beach, camping in one of the 400 campsites, or exploring the woodland trails, Nickerson State Park is fun for the whole family.


Brewster is also home to tons of amazing schools. The Laurel School is one outstanding option for families with younger students in the area to consider. Parents gush about the amazing experience their students receive here, and it is well-loved by many locals. With a unique curriculum that focuses on elements such as the arts, music, nature, and service, The Laurel School is an impressive option where students will receive a well-rounded educational experience.
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